Friday, October 23, 2009

come join us at the first ever release party!!!

Come join us on November 6th at 7 pm at Book Zoo in North Oakland, for the first ever rad dad zine release party to help with publishing costs, to help spread the word, and to just have fun hearing parents read their writing aloud…

Consider it a Parents Salon.

There will be music, zines to buy, and awesome parents sharing their writing for you to enjoy. Kid friendly!

Book Zoo
6395 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 654-2665


punkrocktatay said...

I wish i can come and participate in the event but getting an american visa from the philippine is really hard. the activity looks real cool for parenting and fathers like me.

I hope you can check my site. I am quite new in this sphere and really just enjoy writing what is on my mind.

thank you.

deets said...

Hi Tomas, I was at the event. I loved your reading and several of the others there. I am running around right now, but can't wait to read your blog more and have continued contact with you. Mine is it out!

I will link yours in my blog when I have time (I have been blog and internet slacking for a couple of months :)