Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rad Dad 19

will be released in Mid January!

But in the meantime think about writing for Rad Dad 20:

Patti Smith being interviewed by Stephen Colbert explained that being an artist is like being a mother; there are sacrifices that must be made. Colbert without a moment’s hesitation quipped, that’s why I'm a father. I laughed, Patti Smith laughed, the audience laughed. And then I stopped.

Two points stuck out to me: as parents it’s true; we make sacrifices to be the parents we want to be, sometimes it tough, painful, sometimes we like the cliché states just have to grin and bear it.

The second point: for fathers, there has been a history of refusal, a ridgity to sacrifice, to giving up careers, hobbies, behaviors, you name it…

For the next issue of Rad Dad – Rad Dad 20 – I ask you: what are the sacrifices you make or have made? What are the ones you didn’t make, what have you given up? What have you gained? What lost?

And, of course, I’m always open to other essays, rants, collaborations, interviews…think of the above questions as starting points…deadline April 1st.