Friday, September 28, 2007

sf zine fest

i'll have a table at the sf zine fest oct 6 and 7th -- come on a stop by...


a review of rad dad 7

from microcosm publishing:

Rad Dad #7 is a response to the latest trend: Fatherhood. Or rather, the new spin on fatherhood in America. If you haven't noticed, everywhere you turn there are books, magazines, movies, and news programs, all about being a hip dad. The problem is that they all come from the same perspective. White middle class men who've had to find a balance between their wild, cool ways, and the "un-cool" job of parenting. In this issue, Tomas expresses his views on the subject, and reminds us that parenting isn't just an unwanted obligation. Or at least, it shouldn't be. He reviews some "cool-dad" books, like "Alternadad," and "Punk Rock Dad," written by the singer of Pennywise (which we read here at HQ, and yes, it really is that bad). And of course there are solid contributor pieces about Green Parenting, being Jewish, and the transition from pre-teen into full-fledged teenager.