Monday, April 13, 2009

nominated for best zine of 2009!

Utne has nominated rad dad as one of the best zines of 2009; in fact, there is an awards ceremony in Denver this May that I won't be able to attend but anyone there wanna represent, let me know...

check out also the video review in Utne of our latest issue at

Thursday, April 02, 2009

review of our latest issue at the microcosom website

Rad Dad #13

Oh Rad Dad, why are you so freaking good every single issue? Why do I have to read you cover to cover the moment you land in my hands? Because you're full of heart-felt parenting stories from all types of radical dads. This is the 4th anniversary of Rad Dad, so Tomas' introduction is a story full of tiny moments that make up the experience of parenting. There are two articles written by both members of a queer couple, one of whom is transgendered. The write about their gender roles, and how they influence the way they perceive their parenting, and the way others' perceive them. There's also a birthing story, and a short piece reflecting on how to best approach your kids' Obama fever, when you might be a bit dubious yourself.