Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm on the road wrapping up an amazing tour of California with my co-editor Jeremy Adam Smith as well as a number of amazing mamas and papas who have come out to read and/or support each event!

I want to share with you all the news that Rad Dad has sold out of its first edition and is going to its second printing! Thank you!

The latest issue of the zine, Rad Dad 21: Occupy, is out now and has powerful stories about the occupy movements and kids as well as other personal pieces on parenting!

Finally, there is a new call for submissions for the next issue of Rad Dad, which is gonna focus on mistakes we have made (Bad Dad?) as well as the legacy of the Riot Grrl movement 20 years on...

We would like to have a number of events come Spring tentatively entitled Outta the Bookstores, Into the Parks and Streets. If you have suggestions on places to read where parents congregate, share it with us.

Stay in touch and stay strong,

We got each others' backs!

Tomas c/s