Thursday, September 24, 2009

rad dad 15 is here

Hot off the presses – rad dad fifteen! Still just three bucks plus postage – a perfect gift for the lovers, the parents, the strikers walking out of UC and anarchists fightin in Pittsburgh, all those dreaming and conspiring…surprise them with stories of tree-sits, dating, and the meaning of FOIL…radical parenting is hella sexy


AMEN said...

hello comrade and fellow father! i am writing to ask if i may order via paypal. also, here is our new blog about radical parenting and unschooling.

hit us back at

i would love to talk about having you as a guest on my radio show B.U.R.N. bottom up radio network, an anarchist talk show.

love and rage,

artnoose said...

Just got my copy and have sent you a reply letter.

Punkerdad said...

I saw a write-up in Utne Reader, and I'd like to order a copy. However, I'm curious if your zine is geared more towards parents of younger kids (0-5) like so many other 'alternative' parenting outlets. My boys are 14 and 10. When I've looked for parenting sites for parents like me I've always found what amounts to Gymboree with mohawks. Yawn.
What say you, Raddad?

tomas, editor rad dad zine said...

hey punkerdad -- i agree and what rad dad is hopefully about is radical politics and bridging the gap between all stages of parenting...we loses so much in our communities when newborn parents get left out and when parents of older kids become seen as no longer into parenting...i have a 19. 14 and 12 year old -- so write something for the zine!