Tuesday, April 03, 2007

seattle, babies, new readings, and loonies

ok so a quick recap -- i read 4 new pieces esp because jessica and her wonderful family came to both nights so i was forced to improvise and i think it was the best readings yet -- the kids had a great time playing with emmajoy and mayaray, soccer, food, stories, they were a little tired the evening of left bank books because it was soooo nice and we were all so lazy -- then zora fell off a piece of modern art in the park crying for help -- clover and i just zoned it out

seattle is beautiful -- i think it's my new fav place besides the bay

ok off to lay on a couch and read


Unknown said...

i don't know, it seems like this is turning into a vegan donut tour...

Monica said...

Whoah--Jessica! Gainesville REPREZENT!!!