Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Unknown said...

are you feeding my kid anything but donuts? dang. she's not going to have any teeth left when she comes home. clover, you better be brushing and flossing good!

tomas, editor rad dad zine said...

no we're also feeding them candy!!!

tooth brush -- it's against our anarchist and zine touring principles

Unknown said...

hi everyone!

where are you? what are you doing? i need new pictures here! by this point, you must have found a new donut shop. dang, it's like you guys are turning into cops!

did you guys ever get the rechargeable batteries going? throw a mom a bone here! more pictures!!!

momma dona said...

hello. ella here.... hi dady i had a playdate with louisa and she has a little wooden playhouse that we could fit in and i want u to build one ......not that u should be wondering about that right now ,well i love u tell zora and clover i said HI!!!! ASDFHJKLQWERTYUIOXCVBNM,PI854FHVBA34567VBHNJEASDFGHJKLMVCXWERTYUIO8765432 MY KIND OF SAYING BYE!!!!!! ella ending
hey guys! where are more photos? aren't there like 3 cameras on this trip??? we are missin you all! raptor says hi! noodle says hi! peanut says hi! oh and dylan wants a lizard... itold him to ask his dad!
love dona

China Martens said...

Look it's you! Its me looking at you!

this is so exciting! I have been wondering about your tour... you are meeting *everyone*....Jessica emails and says your in town...I hear word here and there.

so fun! touring is so crazy! I am going to tour soon. Maybe I need to get some kind of camera and blog.... but that seems to difficult to doccument as you live....

Yay for Tomas and Clover (!) and Artnoose and Zora!