Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reclaiming Father's Day 2013

The newest issue.  Rad Dad 24: Pass it on
Rad Dad 22 and 23: the last two issues of the zine

I'm pleased to announce that you can now purchase all Rad Dad books and zines on this site and, if you do it now, I can email them out in time for Father's Day (which as we all know is everyday...). 
Rad Dad: The First Ten Issues.  A huge savings...

Rad Dad: The Book


Story by the Throat! Press said...

Hi! I'm a rad Dad fan with only a couple of random issues I picked up at PDX Zine Sympisium a couple of years ago. I'm a raising a toddler among Republicans and Rad Dad's perspective is like water to the dying.

I'm curious: how much overlap is there in content between the Rad Dad book (green and black cover) and the Rad Dad issue 1-10 collection? If I had to choose only one, which would would be more useful.

James said...

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