Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming soon!


Rad Dad 20 will be out in mid June...

and following that there will be lots of readings and mini-zine tours and lots of fun...join us, read with us, write for us...

tentative events --

July 23rd in Santa Rosa
Aug 2 - 9 mini Northwest zine tour and Portland zine fest
Aug 28 - Sept 4th Bay Area zine tour and SF zine fest
Sept 18 - 26th Brooklyn bookfair, Philly reading, Baltimore bookfair

stay in touch

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vinzap39 said...

Dear Tomas,

I am a new father with a 3-month old daughter. I wrote a piece for my first Father's Day and emailed it to a bunch of my peoples and one of them suggested I submit it to your Zine. I was so happy to know that your Zine existed!

So how does one submit pieces to your Rad Dad Zine?