Friday, February 19, 2010

lots of upcoming events

1. rad dad 17 release party march 11, 7 pm rock, paper, scissors in oakland!!

i am excited to announce on the eve of the bay area anarchist bookfair
weekend, rad dad will have a release party in conjunction with corbin
' release of creating a life and her long running zine reality
mom as well as the release of the new issue of mamaphiles...

i will also have a table at the march 5 oakland art murmur in front of rps to spread the word -- stop on by

2. on saturday and sunday march 13-14 the 10th annual bay area anarchist bookfair will be kick ass with so many radical mama and papa events so look out. there will be two panels and several parenting writers having events around the bay...

3. on sunday march 14th at 5pm at the green arcade in solidarity with my baby rides the short bus and the daddy shift, a bunch of parents will give brief readings...come on by...


mama said...

Looks very exciting! I am planning on coming! Yipeee!! A kid friendly event? AWESOME.

Jordan 'R0K' James said...

Hi there, I'm an artist and father to a wonderful little girl from Albuquerque NM, and a friend of mine who is a fellow grad student with me at UNMs Community & Regional Planning program was just out in San Fran and brought back your latest copy of Rad Rad #17 for me to check out...... Its KILLER stuff man!!!! I was super excited to see that that there was fellows out their in the community who had the same feelings on being radical and a parent at the same time which is something i thought i was mostly alone in. So MAD PROPs to you and all that you do...... Cheers.