Friday, March 30, 2007

day one -- dead birds

Our first day was a blast…we killed a bird with our car (horrible), had lunch in the redwoods and discovered a miniature cave of baby dank trees, saw artnoose become AJ Foyt for mini-van drivers, rescued clover from the clutches of the Arcata swamp, made spaghetti, went to our reading and discovered we were the opening act to a band called eleven eyes, and while they were setting up clover spilled an experimental coconut crappy Italian soda with half and half on the floor, met a scrabble player who was from Berkeley. Then the reading. Tom read after artnooses intro to two rapt listeners and a few other random audience people. Artnoose continued to rock the house; we then went to Lynn’s studio and ran into a fox decapitating a seagull that he had been eating. Zora and clover and artnoose took pics while tom ran away….

See ya in Portland

……………………………..we ate some disgusting raspberry treats…………*other people liked em*

after wards we came home and watched some simpsons’s and enjoyed our 3rd dessert session

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momma dona said...

hey was great so see your photos on freaky to be able to see you on your today!!! i miss you guys. looks like you are already having an adventure...don't kill any more animals you vegans! (and vegetarians).
love momma dona